Inspired by South Asian Culture [Personal Project]

Shakti Beauty is a makeup line that intends to uplift and support marginalized voices of the South Asian community in the beauty space by reclaiming what beauty is and provide makeup that is suitable for darker skin-tones. The brand name 'Shakti' derives from the Hindi word for power, reflecting the brand's mission.

Brand Identity
Naming & Logo
Kajal Eyeliner
Beauty practices all around the world have blossomed from historical and cultural traditions. And for Indian beauty specifically, it's all about celebrating the eyes.

For centuries, kajal — otherwise commonly referred to as kohl eyeliner — has been used in Indian makeup.  Aside from its aesthetic appeal, kajal was originally worn as a form of protection for the eye. The belief was that darkening around the lids could shield them from the harsh rays of the sun, while protecting the person wearing it from 'nazar', or the evil eye.

Paree Mascara
“Paree” is a direct translation to fairy. Commonly in Indian culture, the word “paree” is used to compliment one's beauty, refrencing fairylike features.
Khush Gloss
The word “Khush” means happy or in good spirits in Hindi. Emphasizing ideas of empowerment and optimism.